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ABOUT equipe usa

Handmade in Italy


Devised to satisfy the demands of professional riders, and amateur enthusiasts alike, Equipe saddles are a tribute to the elegance of equestrian sport across all its disciplines, from show jumping, to dressage, to eventing and endurance riding. The common factor that characterizes them: rider comfort and respect for the anatomy of the horse.

Why Equipe?


Equipe is the only saddle company in the world that offers wood, plastic and e-carbon saddle trees. At Equipe we believe horses choose their saddle and are interested in creating the best conversation piece between horse and rider.


“Until I found my Equipe Synergy Jumping Saddle I was struggling with other brands putting me in an odd position, now that I have my Equipe, I never have to worry about 'fighting with my saddle' and I always feel confident on the flat and over fences! I highly recommend Equipe Saddles and I plan to purchase another in the future"

--Erica Campbell, Adult Amateur


“I choose Equipe because when selecting tack for my horses I look for well designed, well made and classical equipment that will enhance my and my horses' performance. Additionally, the entire Equipe line is beautiful and our horses look as good as they feel in Equipe saddles,  bridles and accessories. At Double H Farm, we use
nothing but Equipe"

-Quentin Judge, International Show Jumper


“What I love about Equipe saddles is they are not just crafted beautifully, but the difference in how the horse goes in them is astonishing. The freedom that they allow in the shoulder and back really completes that 'winning look'. First hand example of this is a five point dressage score increase between riding in my older saddle and my Equipe."

-Bradley Champagne, Young Rider Eventing

Selleria Equipe’s precision custom saddles and accessories are a product of select raw materials crafted by expert hands. Each individual working stage is particular to a single person allowing the development of personnel highly skilled in each specific task. This experience and professionalism is applied to every production stage and results in the absolute perfection of the finished product. Only first choice natural calf, drum-tanned and aniline-dyed, and valuable vegetable-tanned leather are selected for use in the manufacturing of Equipe saddles and accessories.

The improvement in wellbeing and communication between horse and rider guides the Selleria Equipe manufacturing cycle and its sustained efforts in Research and Development. In collaboration with the scientific community, the link between changes in the horses morphology and the evolution of the sport are studied. This information is translated into new technical product specifications to the continued benefit of the sportsman and his mount. For Selleria Equipe, the ideas, design and manufacturing of a saddle are continuously evolving, in a never-ending quest for excellence striving towards new solutions in materials and design.

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